Party Collection 2023

Art direction
3D model

Renowned for its flawless craftsmanship and iconic style, Valentino embodies timeless elegance and luxury.

As happens every year, also in 2023 by the end of November, Valentino unveiled The Party Collection, enchanting fashion enthusiasts across the globe.


Valentino’s Digital Team asked us to develop a digital catalog for their 2023 Party Collection, showcasing handpicked items photographed at the prestigious Place Vendome Palace in Paris. The aim of this initiative was to captivate clients’ interest and guide them towards a personalized shopping experience with boutique advisors.

Thanks to our ongoing collaboration, we presented an immersive concept: a virtual exploration of the Place Vendome palace. Users could step inside the 3D Palace through its windows to access the party and discover the entire collection room by room.


As we were responsible for both design and development phase, we collaborated with a 3D artist to craft the Place Vendome model and engaged a 3D front-end developer. Leveraging WebGL and Three.js technology, we handled 3D graphics, lighting, cameras, and interactions. Meanwhile, we focused on UX/UI design, emphasizing interactions and integrating key conversion points to ensure a memorable and seamless experience.

The Palace is immersed in an evening atmosphere, where users’ attention is captured by its illuminated windows.

It’s just by touching them, that users can unlock the Party Collection, and explore diverse galleries of videos, photos, and copylines. Users can bookmark their favorite pieces, download or share them, and access to the online shopping experience by selecting their preferred Valentino boutique.