GAS Jeans

UI Design
Shopify template

GAS is a historical brand in the Italian fashion scene, which has its roots in the denim world.

Founded in 1984 as a family-run business, GAS sells high-quality clothing, footwear and accessories for men, women and children. Its total looks are denim-centered.


GAS was undergoing a rebranding initiative, aimed at expanding brand’s appeal to reach out both new generations and long-time loyal customers. The goal was to go beyond their traditional denim focus, proposing GAS as a contemporary lifestyle brand with a comprehensive offering for all genders and also genderless.

They contacted us to redesign their e-commerce, working in partnership with an external content agency and a development company. Our task was to customize a Shopify premium template to highlight GAS new identity, its historical background and its balanced connection with both women and men’s universe.




We analyzed their current e-commerce and the proposed information architecture, to understand what were the critical points of the existing experience and the integrations that has to be implemented. Based on their goals, we selected 3 Shopify Premium templates, highlighting their distinctive features. Among them GAS team chose the Expanse – Modern style template, which was the starting point for our UI design proposal.

We crafted a creative direction focused on elegance and modernity, selecting a minimalist approach. The extensive use of black and white in various shades and sharp shapes for interactive elements serves to elevate the brand’s positioning. Abalos, chosen as the main font, adds a modern and playful touch, enhancing the new brand identity across product and category heroes, as well as cross-selling banners.