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Reload S.r.l. is an Italian tech company that aims to transform the business challenges of their client into innovative solutions

They are a digital boutique that support businesses through the process of digital transformation.
They operate to speed up the transformation of complex business processes with scalable and innovative digital services and products, giving users the best support to optimize their activities.


They contacted us to refresh and restyle their branding that was felt by the whole team as something static and not representative of the state-of-the-art tech developing and integration skills they have.

Our goal was to transform the perception of Reload S.r.l. into a 2020 technology company.
The challenge was to create something fresh and corporate at the same time and to have a pretty reliable identity to communicate
but maintaining the original loading icon concept.
reload old logo
Old logo
reload new logo
New logo

We imagined a new way to define the loading icon with a modern approach. We started adding movement to the GRTSK Peta Grotesque, creating a completely new typography that starts from a single point and defines each letter with a smooth and round movement.

To give even more strength to the concept and a modern and digital treatment to the letters, we used a shade of vibrant pink degrading to electrical blue that illuminates the tip of the letter and resembles the typical loading spinners effect.

sun top
For the website, one of the biggest issues was the lack of images by the brand that prefers not to expose works for the privacy of their clients. We implemented best website design rules

to imagined a way to communicate concepts through conceptual lines and shapes made by our pink/blue gradient in order to give movement and an abstract sensation to communicate visually.