Costa dei Rosmarini Rebranding

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Costa dei Rosmarini is a brand of excellence, chosen by the most prestigious hotels in Italy and by the most renowned gourmet shops in the world.

Costa dei Rosmarini was born in 1995 as a family project, the olive grove was put back in order, starting a limited production of rare quality extra virgin olive oil for haute cuisine and gourmets. The first customer was the Hotel Cipriani in Venice. Since then, other prestigious names and famous chefs have decided to buy the oil.

The company after a period of inactivity was taken over by new partners. The desire was to have a website able to communicate with customers as the present one is dated and not aligned with a 2020 site.

At this point, picking up the need, we proposed to the customer to face a complete rebranding.
This, because the high quality of the product was not reflected in the brand image. The logo and the bottle itself did not give the
impression of a premium and luxury product.

Old logo
New logo

This oil is characterized by an incredible aroma and taste of fresh olives, which pervades the senses like a perfume.
We, therefore, decided to treat our product just like an essence by depicting the elements and components of the territory that make it so with a “beauty” style.
We were inspired by Liguria and its distinctive elements, the pebbles of the stony beaches, the slate of the roofs in the small villages, and the olive essences that produce this oil.

For the logo, we opted for a restyling. We decided to keep in the pictogram the presence of the redesigned olive tree, combined with the stylized element of the sea from the original logo, where a glimpse of the coast was depicted. In this way, we immediately make visible the combination of the olive tree and the water element representative of the Gulf of Tigullio from which the product comes.

sun top

Through the new site, we wanted to create an elegant and minimal experience that represents the brand through the colors chosen and an authentic photographic treatment that represents the Ligurian territory, and let the true essence of this fragrant oil “breathe” with the current treatment.

The site has been developed in WordPress, preferring large spaces for images and texts, thus giving a feeling of general clarity and geometric elegance.