Naked Optics Ecommerce

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Custom Shopify

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Naked optics is an Austrian company that produces extreme sports Goggles and Glasses

They produce glasses and goggles covering major extreme sports such as Ski, snowboarding, downhill, biking, and outdoor. The brand does not have physical stores and sells mainly from e-commerce and Amazon.

the challenge

Naked Optics was seeking a complete redesign of their Shopify store,, maintaining the original identity but visually improving the site and increasing their conversion rate, with a special focus on enhancing the experience design for bundles.

They wanted to create a modern, user-friendly e-commerce website that was optimized for conversions and provided a seamless shopping experience for their customers. The main goal was to pass from a standard Shopify theme to a complete custom one based on Shopify premium installation.




We started researching competitors to identify a style for an underdog brand that wanted to become a premium one. The research included UX assessment on every page and overall UI and creative direction.
Once identified some issues we started with a UX process that redefined taxonomy, user journey, and functionalities.

We also developed the UI design creating a Figma design system, overall look n feel and some creative direction for products picture.

After the design, we decided with the client to develop a Shopify custom theme to fulfill our experience requirement.


The result of the redesign was a visually stunning and highly functional e-commerce website that provided a seamless shopping experience for customers.

The new website saw a significant increase in conversion rates, which passed from 2.0% to over 3% and we’ve got a great increase in bundle purchases.