Giannasi 1967
Creative Direction

art direction

Giannasi 1967 is the historical kiosk of roast chicken in Milan Porta Romana area

Giannasi was founded by Dorando Giannasi in 1967. Started as a butcher became the hot spot of take away food in Milan especially for they freshly roasted chicken and many others traditional dishes.

the challEnge

Giannasi asked our support to change the perception of the kiosk itself going moving forward to a real lifestyle brand, to do that the main request was to increase the fan base and engagment on social pages getting also a new target of users, but at the same time keeping the historical heritage perception of a real Milanese shop.

Our strategy was to increase the brand reputation creating a real lifestyle brand. Giannasi being an iconic “Milanese” shop, we understood from clients that it represents the way to feel yourself a little more “insider” so we created the concept “Giannasi opens the doors of Milan to you.”


We gave the brand a new creative approach for the Instagram editorial plan, making shoots for the Deliveroo menu, for our customers, and dishes with a “homemade” treatment.

We reinforced the brand’s presence through the creation of limited edition merchandising dedicated to the Milanese areas and the brand.
We created the first Milanese festival by offering some traditional dishes made by the brand paired with the craft beer “Birrando La birra di Dorando” gathering occasion for our customers.


We had a pretty good result in a year.
We grew by +40.3% in terms of followers.
2,096,557 people reached (coverage)
5,364,715 total impressions
5,138 link clicks

In addition, the work done brought us many opportunities for collaboration, we made catering for fashion week, collaborated with Family First (A milanese fashion brand) created an event with Ceres “street legends” thanks to the new positioning and collaborated for the merchandising of Fedez and JAx Love Mi concert.

Today Giannasi is no longer a kiosk but has become a real Love Brand.