GS1 shelf
Digital experience

Art direction
Content 3D

Gs1 Italy is part of the global GS1 network.

GS1 standards are the most widely used system of standards in the world, and they offer a broad portfolio of services and tools to make adoption of their standards easier and more impactful to businesses.

the challEnge

The challenge was to create an immersive experience in their showroom, Interno1, using large touchscreen monitors.

The aim was to present GS1 standards and information for retail products through an engaging, interactive experience, demonstrating how GS1 enhances supply chain efficiency and effectiveness through their software and services.

Our Approach

We began by analyzing the client’s content, then hand-illustrated individual storyboards to define the experience and storytelling. 

We identified a “starting point” from which we could tell all the necessary stories: a supermarket shelf.

We then created 3D models of the individual products and the shelf for storytelling reference, aligning the look and feel with GS1 Italy’s brand image.


We developed a web app using WebGL technology, capable of conveying information and best practices in large-scale distribution product supply chains, and how GS1 Italy’s services ensure accurate product information, satisfying all lifecycle requirements within the supply chain.

This allows the client to discuss highly technical topics like product pack information and management with their customers in an engaging and interactive way.