Brand Identity

UX/UI Design
Motion Design

Brandoh! redefines presentation engagement by converting static slides into dynamic, interactive experiences.

Its drag-and-drop editor allows users to create engaging stories, personalizing content for lasting impact. This tool goes beyond regular presentations, engaging audiences deeply and making storytelling in presentations more immersive.



The challenge was reinventing Brandoh!’s identity to resonate with audiences seeking innovative presentation tools.
We revamped its digital presence and offline representation, enhancing the dynamic appeal through gadgets and products. 
This redesign aimed to create an eye-catching identity that piques the curiosity of people looking for a more visually appealing tool.

The video

We produced an intuitive video illustrating Brandoh!’s functionalities. This visual representation effectively differentiated it from traditional presentation methods, ensuring a clear and straightforward understanding of its unique capabilities.

The video positioned Brandoh! as an innovative, user-friendly solution for captivating and impactful presentations.


We designed an informative landing page detailing Brandoh!’s core features. This platform serves as an educational hub, showcasing how users can enhance presentations by seamlessly integrating enriched content elements.

The landing page blends brand content with tool functionalities, offering a comprehensive understanding of Brandoh!’s capabilities.