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Geologie it’s US Skincare brand that offers to customers a personalized skincare service on subscription

Geologie was founded by Nick Allen and Dave Skaff, friends and innovators, with a shared vision to create the very best skincare experience for men. That includes not only the very best products but the very best service too.


Geologie wants to make his entrance into the E-sports and gaming world to be the first skincare brand to do a marketing operation with this kind of media.
Also, one of the client’s challenges was to open up a Twitch channel.

Our goal was to build brand awareness within the Esport racing world, that perfectly fits Geologie’s target. So we need to create all the livery and assets into the game to deliver them to our Ambassador.


After creating the assets, we began to sponsor a US E-sport driver (Cyrus) that used the Geologie merchandise during his lives and to promote the brand with his followers. We also created a landing page to let the participants subscribe, and some Instagram galleries post to engage our audience

We also organized a complete Cup on Gran Turismo Sport composed of 3 races on different weekends with prizes for the top-3 positions including a prize of 500$ and an annual subscription to Geologie’s service. All the races went live on Geologie’s twitch channel created for the occasion and have been commented by IGTL.
During the live, some giveaways have been provided to the users connected.

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We had a pretty good result for the first operation with such a low budget obtaining a new Branded twitch channel with more than 170 people connected, watching, and commenting during the live stream, so we made it to create a twitch channel for the brand with more than 100 subscribers.

There were also some give away of brand products during the live session on twitch in order to engaging the users to start a skincare routine after the trial set gifted. So probably we set down the first skin care brand gaming activation worldwide. We really say thanks to all the Geologie team to gave us a chance to collaborate on this project.