Service Design

Brandoh! is a digital storytelling platform created and developed by Reload S.r.l.

Brandoh! is designed for brands to deliver content innovatively. It serves as a creative playground for both companies and creatives to convey meaningful messages and reach their target audience.


Reload initially launched Brandoh! to create tailor-made narrative experiences for multiple brands like Timberland, Valentino, Barilla and many more through a meticulous consulting process. Starting from the specific communication goal, they select “elements” to compose ad hoc storyboards.

The goal was to evolve Brandoh! into an online no-code platform accessible to content creators, transforming it into a stage for everyone in the ever-evolving narrative of the digital age.


We were already responsible for the frontend platform design, which had continually evolved over the years, due to the integration of third-party services such as 3D object and space visualizers.

To tackle this new challenge, we conducted market research to identify new product opportunities that could arise from this new product evolution.

We then shifted our focus to the user experience, holding co-design workshops to create proto personas and user journeys.

Having defined the taxonomy and main functionalities of the software, we then designed the complete UX for the CMS.


We launched the Brandoh! beta with three plans (free, starter, and custom licenses) to quickly gather feedback from existing clients as well as first-time users. 

The story-builder software facilitates team collaboration with user profiling, interactive story configuration, and publishing options. The platform is code-free, offers Single-Sign-On authentication, and tracks performance.