Ecommmerce redesign


Geologie, a US skincare brand, specializes in personalized, subscription-based skincare services.

Geologie was founded by Nick Allen and Dave Skaff, friends and innovators, with a shared vision to offer men the best skincare experience, encompassing top-quality products and exceptional service.

the challEnge

We were asked to improve the overall user experience (UX) in order to better differentiate between single products and bundles, and to highlight the subscription model’s significant discounts. Another focus was improving the private area for customers to renew and manage their subscriptions.

Our challenge was to redesign the Product Listing Page and Product Detail Page UX/UI, making the various sizes, categories, and discounts more visible, and drive users to choose the bundle option. Clarifying the individual product advantages on the PDP was another key objective.

Our Approach

First, we developed two alternative UX designs for the PDP and PLP. 

The focus was on enhancing subscription visibility and the different available formats. We also made category selection clearer in the PLP with a sidebar for subcategories.

In terms of aesthetics, we preserved the brand’s color identity while improving product card and bundle content clarity. We also highlighted the product benefits and created a straightforward tool for selecting bundles or individual products.


We were able to increase conversions to larger product formats and increase the number of subscription users who did not come from specific campaigns. We also made package contents clearer, boosting retention and reducing service unsubscribes.

Additionally, the new PLP structure allows the brand to expand its product range without redesigning the PLPs and PDPs.