Essilor Luxottica
Corporate Website

art direction
corporate website

EssilorLuxottica is a global leader in eyewear, combining expertise in lenses and frames to create innovative vision solutions.

EssilorLuxottica, established in 2018, is a prominent global eyewear conglomerate formed by merger of Essilor, a lens manufacturing expert, and Luxottica, a leading frame designer and retailer.

Our task was to create a website for EssilorLuxottica that seamlessly integrated the brand’s values and aspirations. Our goal was to establish a visual identity that conveyed a sense of heritage while maintaining a clean and polished look.
We used sleek design elements, elegant typography, and an iridescent color palette to reach the whole spectrum and represent the essence of the brand. The result was a visually captivating website that radiated refinement and exclusivity, ensuring a user-friendly browsing experience.

We imagined a new way to define the loading icon with a modern approach. We started adding movement to the GRTSK Peta Grotesque, creating a completely new typography that starts from a single point and defines each letter with a smooth and round movement.

To give even more strength to the concept and a modern and digital treatment to the letters, we used a shade of vibrant pink degrading to electrical blue that illuminates the tip of the letter and resembles the typical loading spinners effect.


We managed to give EssilorLuxottica a distinctive digital branding identity, even though it’s a brand that has to accommodate many others.

We struck an ideal balance between design and identity, ensuring it doesn’t overshadow the other brands while also not getting lost among them.
At the same time, the goal was to corporately represent the brand while offering an international scope.